Welcome to the official webpage of Dr. Naved Ahmad (aligzada), a distinguished academic leader and expert in Information Science/Studies, based in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ahmad holds pivotal roles at the university, contributing significantly to research, ethics, accreditation, and academic development.

🖌️ Head of University Research Support Unit As the Head of the University Research Support Unit, Dr. Ahmad spearheads initiatives to create an environment conducive to cutting-edge research and innovation. His leadership ensures that the university remains at the forefront of academic excellence.

🖌️ Coordinator at University Scientific Research Deanship In his capacity as the Coordinator at the University Scientific Research Deanship, Dr. Ahmad plays a crucial role in shaping and advancing the institution’s scientific research agenda. His efforts contribute to the growth and success of research endeavors across various disciplines.

🖌️ Coordinator at University Institutional Review Board (IRB)/Research Ethics Committee Dr. Ahmad takes on the responsibility of coordinating the University Institutional Review Board, emphasizing ethical conduct in research. His commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity ensures that the university maintains a reputation for responsible and impactful research.

🌐 Accreditation and Ranking Specialist With a focus on accreditation and ranking, Dr. Ahmad actively supports the university’s endeavors. His expertise, particularly in research data and learning resources, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the institution’s global standing.

🔬 Scientific Research Data Analysis Expert Dr. Ahmad brings expertise in scientific research data analysis, utilizing platforms such as SciVal, Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics, and SCOPUS. His proficiency in these tools enhances the precision and impact of research initiatives across the university.

🎓 Research Training Expert Dr. Ahmad is an expert in providing training to both students and faculty members, aiming to elevate the research output of the university. His guidance empowers individuals to maximize their research potential and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields.

🔍 Patent Search Specialist – European Patent Office As a certified Patent Search Specialist by the European Patent Office, Dr. Ahmad brings a unique perspective to the university’s research landscape. His expertise in patent searching contributes to innovation and intellectual property awareness.

📚 Teaching in Health Informatics and Information Science Beyond his administrative roles, Dr. Ahmad actively contributes to the academic community by teaching courses in Health Informatics and Information Science, enriching the educational experience for students.

🎓 PhD in Information Science/Studies Dr. Naved Ahmad holds a Ph.D. in Information Science/Studies, demonstrating his dedication to advancing knowledge in this dynamic and evolving field.

🔗 Explore Dr. Ahmad’s Scholarly Contributions Explore the wealth of knowledge and research contributions by visiting Dr. Ahmad’s profiles on Google Scholar and ORCiD.

📞 Contact Information For inquiries, collaboration, or consultations, Dr. Naved Ahmad can be contacted via email at aligzada@gmail.com or through WhatsApp and call at +966558460210.